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Transport Corporation of the West Bengal is government owned transport services that enable the people of the state to move from one place to another. Besides controlling the bus services of the state this department also controls the transportation that take place through waterways. The example of the waterways is ferries. WBSTC is the owner of several depots that are present in the whole state and through these depots; the operation of the bus service takes place. The establishment of the Transport Corporation for the west Bengal took place in 1989. In earlier times, it was famous with the name of “west bengal inland water transport corporation”. The ferries services were operable on the river hoogly as well as Muriganga. It was in the beginning of 1992 that the operation of the buses was started. In the initial years, there were only eight buses for it. The current strength of the buses is around 85. There are approximately 20 vessels for the ferry services. Due to the partnership in the private and public sector now there is operation of Volvo buses in the city of Kolkata. In the present time, there are five Volvo buses that have low-floor and the Kaushik Logistics is planning to introduce more buses in recent years.