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The establishment of the transport department took place in the year 1945 under the vehicle act of 1939. When the state uttarkhand was under the rule of Uttar Pradesh government this department was guided by Transport Commissioner of the U.P. this all was before the month of November for the year 2000. When the state uttarkahnd got divide with the Uttar Pradesh, there was establishment of the separate transport department for the state and Transport Commissioner of the state guided this department.

The main part of transport system is SRTC and this parts is reorganized in the state of uttarakhand like transport corporation for uttarkhand. This corporation of the state began to operate from 2003 in the month of October. This corporation provides quality services to the people of the state for nationalized routes as well as interstate route also.

According to the latest data, there are approximately 1000 buses that are running on the 34 nationalized routes under Transport Corporation of the uttarkhand. There are approximately 3000 buses that run on the non-nationalized roads and private transport company of the uttarakhand owns these services. These buses also run in the interstate roads of the state.

The region of the uttarakand consists of hilly area and un-even surface. The buses that run on the roads of this state have wheels that are of 166 inches. The buses that run on the plain area have wheels that are more in dimension than 166 inches. Due to this reason, the buses have more area that can be utilized for seating by the passengers.

Transport Corporation of Uttaranchal came into existence when the state was divided from the main state Uttar Pradesh and got its name as Uttarakhand. Before this division of the sates, the road corporation of the Uttar Pradesh governed the road transportation of the areas that includes Dehradun, Nanital as well as Tanakpur. In the year 2003, the road transportation of all these states came under the supervision of Road Corporation of the Uttaranchal. There was transfer of approximately 957 buses as well as 6000 employees to the transport corporation of the Uttaranchal. The operation of the tuck takes place through three service stations along with 18 depots that are present in the Uttaranchal. Dehradun, Kathgodam along with Tanakpur are the three main regional centers for the transport corporation of the Uttaranchal. These centers are responsible for repairing as well as maintainence of the buses that operates in the state. The main of the transport corporation of the Uttaranchal is to offers bus services that are affordable along with safety while travelling of the people and to the tourist who visits Uttaranchal every year.