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The government of Nagaland formed the department of Nagaland State Transport (NST) with the aim to offer utility services to the residents of the state rather than to gain monetary benefits. The objective of the department is to provide economical, adequate, and efficient transports services to the people of Nagaland. The Nagaland State Transport was formed in the year 1965 to provide the services to the people who had no other way to commute from one place to another in the landlocked state whose most of the terrain is hilly and inaccessible. The role of NST has been creditable in improving the socio-economic condition of the people of the State. NST has also provided opportunity for the people to move from one place to another.  In the absence of any other means of transportation, the role of NST has been commendable.

Service Offered To Public And Its Location

NST is offering its services to the people of Nagaland among other private players. What separates NST from other private players is that it operates on all routes even those that are non-profitable. This is to ensure that the poor and rural people are able to access transport services without any problem. Apart from maintain high quality of services, NST makes sure that it charges lowest basic fare from its customers. At present services at more than hundred routes (approximately 112) are being offered. The total coverage area of NST is around 21,300 km.