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Meghalaya is widely known for its cultural heritage and beauty, blended with artistic strokes and for an enjoyable and purposeful visit, you need better services. State Transport Corporation makes your journey way easier than anyone else does and connecting almost every place to another. Bus has its own charm to travel with, introduce you to beautiful view of lively mountains and greenery, which is not possible by any other means. You get all the facilities like other state transports. People from different part of the country come, and airport at Umroi give a perfect landing to this part of the world.

Meghalaya State Bus system is also responsible for taking passenger from Guwahati Airport to their required destination without being concerned about booking from Meghalaya. This is only been done to provide comfort to the passengers, landing at Guwahati Airport. Private operators are also in this field and tickets are booked at Polo Grounds, the main station for them.  Government Officials runs Meghalaya owned State buses and provide booking from police bazaar in Shillong.

Meghalaya road transport is worth proving a means of transport, and though it is a small state, it is hugely serving to local and tourists passengers as well. Tourists mostly prefer bus service for reaching their destination because roads connections to the most cities are quite convenient. Some also book four wheelers for their comfort and convenience. Local people do their booking from police bazaar. 

Buses booking at various stands by local operator are also helping in a way to promote tourism in the state. They are playing a vital role in easing the pressure and the entire burden from Meghalaya transport system. Meghalaya bus service also accommodates long distance travel booking to cities like, Aizwal, Kohima, Imphal, Agartala and rest. Meghalaya mesmerizes people often, due to its rich heritage.