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The state bus department of Maharashtra is known as Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC). The department is sometimes referred to as ST.  The busses run on more than 17,000 routes, and ferry approximately 70 lakh passengers (7 million) via 16,000 buses. It is among the largest bus services operating in India and comes at third position after Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu bus services. MSRTC operate bus services within Maharashtra as well as outside the state. It buses run to Surat (Gujarat), Ahmadabad (Gujarat), and Bangalore (Karnataka). MSRTC fleet of buses is one of the largest. It also provides online ticket booking facilities to passengers on all 17000 routes.

State Government of Maharashtra formed Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation after passing the bill through Section 3 in RTC Act 1950. 

In the official gazette dated 29.11.1973, the Notification MVA 3173/30303-XIIA states the approval to MSRTC for running its operation.

By early 192s, entrepreneurs were running private bus services in Maharashtra and were providing transport services to the locals. After the passing of the Motor Vehicle Act of 1939, more regulation was brought in the services. The act helped in standardizing the available routes, route fares, monitoring private transporters, and checking the compliance of the rules and regulations. As per the act, private operators were asked to form unions on defined routes. Fixed ticket prices, conductors, and pick-up points were also mandated.