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Kerala State road transport corporation (KSRTC) manages the Road and transport services in the state of Kerala. KSRTC is one of the oldest state bus transports running successfully in India.

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation was earlier known as Travancore State Transport Department, which was formed by the Travancore government in order to initiate road transport services in the state. Mr. EG Salter, a member of London Passenger Transport Board working in the capacity of Assistant Operating Superintendent was appointed on 20 September 1937 as Superintendent of the Transport Department.

History of Kerala State Road Transport Corporation and its Services:

KSRTC has a glorious history with number of achievements under its belt

  • The department came into being in August 1961 after the passing of corporation act in 1950.
  • Regional cooperation departments were formed to help KSTRC discharge its function. These included BMTC (15/08/1997), NEKRTC (1/02/2000), and NWKRTC (15/08/1997).
  • The department is providing safe and reliable transport system to the residents of the state. It is continually meeting its target of providing properly coordinated, economic, adequate, and efficient transport system. 
  • It provides services under various categories such as corona Ambaari sleeper, cornona Ambari, rajahamsa, Mercedes Benz service, airawat club class bus service, Airawat Volvo bus service.
  • Each bus service is provided by different brand name.
  • KSRTC online ticket booking services are available.
  • Buses are maintained in excellent conditions.
  • It also provides buses for social functions.