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ASTC or “Assam State Transport Corporation” is a transport corporation run by Indian government that operates bus facility in Assam and neighboring state. In the beginning, ASTC was working as a government department of state with fur buses operating from Guwahati city to Nagaon. In few years, transport network of the state expanded throughout the Assam. In 1970, State transportation service was converted to Road Transport Corporation. ASTC offers transit facility to many cities of Assam and other neighboring state. The best part is transportation service safe, reliable, affordable and popular in entire state. ASTC is equipped with different bus services that include luxury, regular types and bus of latest brand known as Rhino Buses. ASTC also facilitate its passenger with unique offers like gift vouchers and discounts.

ASTC is a well known as Roadways Corporation that operates buses for the suitability of travelers. It also provides inter-state Bus facility for adjacent states. Assam Transportation Services operates regular as well as luxury buses for normal rotes of buses and mini buses for difficult routes of Hill Stations.  Road transport of Assam also runs executive class, Super Fast, Air-conditioned Class, Night Super, Volvo buses at reasonably priced fares and offers trustworthy road transport service to passengers. Transport Corporation in Assam also provides E-ticketing facility to its customers through which passengers can book their tickets online. Headquarters of ASTC is positioned at Guwahati and every bus station gives provides admirable services to customers.

Passenger Facilities

  • ASTC provides many remarkable services and some of them are given below:
  • Intercity buses in Guwahati
  • Waiting room in almost all the bus stations of Assam towns as well as cities
  • Cargo services
  • Computer based ticketing system in all the major towns
  • Courier services