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The Arunachal Pradesh State Transport Services was started in the year 1975. In the beginning, the state transport services of Arunachal Pradesh consist of only two buses operating from “KHONSA” to “NAHARKATIA”. Today, the state transport of Arunachal Pradesh is providing reliable, satisfactory and cost effective transport services to the local residents of Arunachal Pradesh. The transport buses are operating on various routes and their number has been increased from two to 233.

The state transport services of Arunachal Pradesh are committed to provide satisfactory transport services to the people at the best possible rates. It is important for you to note that these services are being offered by the state government of Arunachal Pradesh and they are not operated commercially.             


The state transport department of Arunachal Pradesh offers a certain amount of concession to the students and office goers. According to the government rules and policies, the APSTS department also offers free travel services to the freedom fighters and physically handicapped peoples.   

Arunachal Pradesh state transport department helps in enhancing communication network services by transporting postal mailbags. Quick and convenient transportation of mailbags to the desired location helps in establishing a speedy communication network among the common mass. 

The head office of APSTS is located at “NAHARLAGUN” and it offers computerized reservation system facility to the passengers. Three more agencies offer easy ticket booking facility to the passengers and they are located at “BOMDILA”, “ALONG” and “TAWANG”.