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Geographical Information for Orissa
State Name: Orissa
Country: India
Country ISO code: IN
High Court: Orissa High Court
Cooperative Banks: Cooperative Banks In Orissa
NABARD Banks: NABARD Banks In Orissa
Consumer Courts: Consumer Courts In Orissa
Hospitals: Hospitals In Orissa
Petrol Pumps: Petrol Pumps In Orissa
Air Conditioner Dealers: Air Conditioner Dealers In Orissa
Refrigerator Dealers: Refrigerator Dealers In Orissa
Washing Machine Dealers: Washing Machine Dealers In Orissa
RO Dealers: RO Dealers In Orissa
Bike Dealers: Bike Dealers In Orissa
Battery Dealers: Battery Dealers In Orissa
Tyre Dealers: Tyre Dealers In Orissa
Restaurants: Restaurants In Orissa
Share Broking Companies: Share Broking Companies In Orissa
Youth Hostels: Youth Hostels In Orissa
Nurseries: Nurseries In Orissa
Haj Committee: Haj Committee Of Orissa
Mobile Dealers: Mobile Dealers In Orissa
Mobile Service Centers: Mobile Service Centers In Orissa
Laptop & Computer Dealers: Laptop & Computer Dealers In Orissa
Laptop & Computer Service Centers: Laptop & Computer Service Centers In Orissa
DTH Dealers: DTH Dealers In Orissa
Telemarketing Companies: Telemarketing Companies In Orissa
Car Dealers: Car Dealers In Orissa
CBSE Schools: CBSE Schools In Orissa
Cable Operators: Cable Operators In Orissa
TIN NSDL Facilitation Centres: TIN NSDL Facilitation Centres In Orissa
NGO: NGO In Orissa
Western Union Money Transfer Agencies: Western Union Money Transfer Agencies In Orissa
Rail Ticket Booking Agencies: Rail Ticket Booking Agencies In Orissa
PAN Card Agents: PAN Card Agents In Orissa
Chartered Accountants: Chartered Accountants In Orissa
Insurance Companies: Insurance Companies In Orissa
Blood Banks: Blood Banks In Orissa
Car Service Centers: Car Service Centers In Orissa
Courier Companies: Courier Companies In Orissa
ICSE School: ICSE School In Orissa
Speed Post Centers: Speed Post Centers In Orissa
Money Changers: Money Changers In Orissa
Cycle Dealers: Cycle Dealers In Orissa
ESIC- Dispensaries & Hospitals : ESIC- Dispensaries & Hospitals In Orissa
Mobile Connections Dealer: Mobile Connections Dealer In Orissa
Districts in Orissa, India
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Welcome to Orissa, A State of India

Orissa is situated on the east coast of India. Its capital is Bhubanesawar. There are three broad regions in which this state can be divided, namely, The Coastal Plains, the Middle Mountains and the plateaus of Orissa.

Orissa is rich in mineral resources of coal, bauxite, iron ore and chromites. Its industrial sector includes steel, aluminium, power refineries and ports. The state is also a home for well known IT consultancies firms that include Satyam Computers. Tata Consultancy Services and Infosys . Orissa is also very popular for tourism. Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary is an abode of 150 species of bids, both migratory and resident.

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