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The transport corporation for the state of Tamil nadu (TNSTC) refers to public transport of bus in the state of Tamil nadu, which is present in southern India.

Altogether, There Are Six Divisions For TNSTC

  • TNSTC Tirunelveli
  • TNSTC Coimbatore
  • TNSTC Villupuram
  • TNSTC Madurai
  • TNSTC Kumbakonam
  • TNSTC Salem

TNSTC is known as second largest bus transportation that belongs to the government of India. It covers almost all road routes that are present in the state of Tamil nadu including remote areas also. Besides the rise in the price of the fuel the tickets rates of the bus are still low as most of the southern India population is below poverty line.

The students of the school, ITI furthermore Polytechnic College, Government College for arts and other educational institutions get a bus pass so that they can travel to their destination place without any cost. The Tamil nadu government issues these passes. TNSTC on the bases of contract provide bus services to individual for carriage trips. In the buses of the Tamil nadu, the portrait of the poet "Thiruvalluvar" who was quite famous in the ancient time is displayed so that they can show respect for the Tamil poet. The bus transportation of Tamil nadir is among the first bus services of India, which introduced painting inside the buses.

The road transportation of the Tamil nadu provides efficient as well as sophisticated way of communication to its passengers with comfortable travelling in the journey. This road transportation department ensures maintainenec as well as maintains roads. This department also builds road for the remote areas of the state Tamil nadu. The government of the state looks after the bus system efficiently.