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East Sikkim is in Sikkim state with geographical coordinates of in North and in East. Explore the satellite map of East Sikkim with high quality images in the page below. Also explore the aerial photographs of Map of East Sikkim.

The Total population of East Sikkim is with Male and Female.

Google Map Of East Sikkim

  • District Code: ES
  • Population Of East Sikkim - 281,293
  • Area (kmĀ²) - 954 square kilometres (368 sq mi)
  • Division - NA
  • Parliamentary Constituency - Sikkim
  • Assembly Constituency - Khamdong-Singtam, West Pendam, Rhenock, Chujachen, Gnathang-Machong, Namcheybung, Shyari, Martam-Rumtek, Upper Tadong, Arithang, Gangtok and Upper Burtuk
  • Time zone Of East Sikkim - IST (UTC+5:30)
  • Elevation Of East Sikkim - NA
  • Sex Ratio - 872 (2011)
  • Official Website - http://esikkim.gov.in/

East Sikkim District is one of the four districts of the State of Sikkim. The capital of East Sikkim District is Gangtok which is also the capital of the state.

East Sikkim District was a part of the Kingdom of Sikkim for most of its known history. The Kingdom of Sikkim was a buffer state between India and China. During 19th century the Kingdom of Sikkim was annexed by Bhutan and later the British defeated the Bhutanese and reinstated the King of Sikkim. After the independence of India, Sikkim continued with its monarchy till 1975 when it became a state of India and the monarchy was abolished.

Geographically East Sikkim District occupies an area of 964 sq. It borders Bhutan on one side and China on the north. East Sikkim District being on the border with China has made it militarily sensitive and its capital Gangtok and adjoining areas are heavily controlled by the Indian Military. The predominant language of the district is Nepali.

The culture of East Sikkim District is distinctly Nepali with large number of Nepalese settling in the district when the British ruled the Kingdom. Other ethnic groups that cohabit East Sikkim District are the Bhutias, the Tibetans and the Lepchas.

Geographical Information for East Sikkim
District Name: East Sikkim
State: Sikkim
Country ISO code: IN

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Welcome to East Sikkim, A District of Sikkim, India

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