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The road transportation of the Uttar Pradesh refers to the transportation company that facilitates bus services in the state of the Uttar Pradesh. In Hindi language, this company is known as Parivahan Nigam. The people of the state call it as “Roadways” also.

The road transportation of the Uttar Pradesh started in the year 1947 on 15 may. This department provides effective bus services in the city of Lucknow that is also called as capital city of Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow-Barabanki is the common route.

At beginning years of this bus services there were all together 5679 buses that moved or operated on 1782 routes effectively. According to the previous records, the total distance that was covered by the buses of this department was 395 million kilometers and there is tremendous increase in the number of passengers from the previous data as it has aroused to 449.1 million for the current year.

In the government plan for five year, there has been good increase in the operational parameters of this corporation as well. There is also increase in number of the buses to 6198 as compared to the previous year data. The total distance that has been covered by these buses was recorded as 425 million kilometers.


The headquarter for the UPSRTC is present in the city of Lucknow and from this city there are almost 107 depot. Operating across 23 regions.
The government own as well as regulate UPSRTC services. This corporation of the government provides bus services in many districts and cities of the Uttar Pradesh as well as to the states that are present in the northern India. There are almost 7230 buses under this corporation.