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The transport department of Tripura, an undertaking (public) found it eligible for the provisions stated in 2005 Right to Information Act. It is the lonely government body, which controls each transport related issues and controls over many areas. The headquarter is situated in the west districts of Tripura which is the office of joint transport commissioner  as well as different offices are also situated in north, south and districts of Dhalai regions. There is also a main branch office, situated at Dharmanagar. Moreover, the other unit is at Churaibari gate whose main function is to inspect all the vehicles for the toll tax, which passes from that road.

There is another government department also named Tripura road Transport Corporation, a public sector unit whose full control is in the hands of the transport minister of that particular state. Departmental commissioner, respective secretary and other officers of that particular section head the jurisdiction and operations fully. As the government, higher authorities control every function and they form the regulations. They have also formed different acts for the better running of the transport system, which are as follows.

State Transport and regional Authority of transport
Motor vehicle (act)
Transport Corporation (act)

They not only take decisions regarding the movement of the vehicle but they also handle all the development issues such as building of roads, installation of street lights etc. and all the management functions are also carried out by them only.

Recently they have just provided people with new advance transport services. These are the services, which include helicopters in it named Pawan Hans. The work of these helicopters is to provide sudden medical assistance to the needy people in the streets of Tripura. They also provide transport facility to hospital staff, army staff and many other VIP movements. You can also hire buses and taxis for any of your personal purpose.