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The body that regulates transportation in the Indian state Mizoram is popular as MST. MST stands for Mizoram State Transport Corporation. The registration work associated with the vehicles moving in the state is handled by this body. Moreover, MST conducts diverse services on diurnal basis from various cities of the state. It manages about a group of 70 buses which provide decent public transport facility at sensible fares.

The transport corporation deals with luxury buses, ordinary buses, and mini or small-size buses. It also provides recovery vans on hire. The overnight services provided by the transport corporation from Shilong to Aizwal and many other cities too are in vogue.  The state transport body of Mizoram, MST, also provides rebates in fares of travel to senior citizens and physically handicapped persons. Same is applicable for people with life-threatening diseases like cancer. Booking of tickets in advance too is a facility provided by this body.

The onset of private sector in the field of transportation has lead to contest with the public transportation. Eventually, common man is benefitted with even better services. The state transportation fares do not vary considerably throughout and remain constant. MST has pushed its limits to provide quality travelling services to its customers at feasible rates. It works round the clock and dedicates itself to the benefit of its passengers.