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The transport providing body, Manipur State Road Transport Corporation has always strived to be efficient and cheap enough in providing transportation facilities to the passengers of the state. Regular bus services are available to major cities and to all areas in the state where the roads are built properly. The body also runs buses and taxis, which travel, regularly to nearing states of Tripura, Nagaland, Mizoram and Assam. This organization was founded on 23rd of March 1976 under road transport corporation act in the year 1950.

Some places on earth have a magnetic charm. They are not believed to be hotspots as per tourism statistics a tourist feels blessed on visiting them. Manipur boasts of many such locations. Imphal the capital city has many routes of arrival and highways that take the help of Manipur State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) buses and taxis. From Guwahati buses run daily on the National Highway 39 between Komiha and Dimapur, MSRTC buses as well as other privately owned buses are available. From Dimapur on National Highway 39 buses run daily by way of Komiha, MSRTC buses as well as private buses are available. From Silchar, regularly on the National Highway number 39 by way of Jiribam, private buses and MSRTC buses run.

Many tourists from Nagaland still have fond memories of having used the services of Manipur Road transport. Complex of MSRTC located in the region of Dimapur is countenance of Manipur since olden times as no such services of transport were available and functioning between Imphal and Dimapur at that time. MSRTC services symbolize the state’s proximity and integrity  towards  bordering people who reside in Nagaland are mark of emotional bonding  that exists in the people of Nagaland and Manipur .

MSRTC is the reason why tourists go back home with a smile on their faces and with India in their hearts.