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Pindra is in Varanasi district with geographical coordinates of in North and in East. Explore the satellite map of Pindra with high quality images in the page below. Also explore the aerial photographs of Map of Pindra.

The Total popolation of Pindra is with Male and Female.

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Pindra is one of the towns that belong to the Pindra Mandal in Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh. Pindra is also considered to be the Mandal Head for Pindra Mandal. It is just 25 kms away from the main city of Varanasi and it is about 240 kms away from the state capital Lucknow. It has its own historic importance and it is considered to be a hub for many historic monuments.

According to the latest census, Pindra had a population of 238627 out of which there are 120723 males and 117904 females. While considering the literacy rate, 76592 men and 43358 women were declared literate in Pindra. Farming is considered to be the major occupation of the people.

Pindra is very well connected to all the major cities in the state of Uttar Pradesh by both rail and road routes. It is very near to Varanasi and decent rail services are being maintained by the Indian Railways. Daily trains are being operated to all the major cities like Varanasi, Lucknow, and Kanpur etc. State Highway 87 connects Pindra with Varanasi and daily bus services are being operated by both government and private bus services.

Geographical Information for Pindra
District Name: Varanasi
State: Uttar Pradesh
Country ISO code: IN
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Welcome to Pindra, A Tehsil of Varanasi, India

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