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Kabisuryanagar is in Ganjam district with geographical coordinates of in North and in East. Explore the satellite map of Kabisuryanagar with high quality images in the page below. Also explore the aerial photographs of Map of Kabisuryanagar.

The Total popolation of Kabisuryanagar is with Male and Female.

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Kabisuryanagar is a tehsil of Ganjam district in Orissa, India. Previously the tehsil was known as Boirani. Later it was named after the writer Kabisurya Baladev Rath. There is a well known temple of Kanaka Durga Thakurani. According to the local people, the famous writer Kabisurya Baladev Rath got his literary endowment to the blessings of Goddess Kanakadurga. The temple is now supervised by Madhusudan Harichandan Jagadeb, the last existing Zamindar of the tehsil. According to the 2001 India census, the tehsil had an average literacy rate which is higher than the National average literacy rate. The tehsil consists of many villages. Kabisuryanagar has a major market for fresh vegetables cultivated in the neighboring villages.

Geographical Information for Kabisuryanagar
District Name: Ganjam
State: Orissa
Country ISO code: IN
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Welcome to Kabisuryanagar, A Tehsil of Ganjam, India

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