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Ashti is in Wardha district with geographical coordinates of in North and in East. Explore the satellite map of Ashti with high quality images in the page below. Also explore the aerial photographs of Map of Ashti.

The Total popolation of Ashti is with Male and Female.

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Ashti is a Tehsil and the Head quarter place in Arvi subdivision of District Wardha. Centre of Arti Mandal of Saint Tukdoji Maharaj is also located in Ashti. The Ashti Tehsil had created a significant position in the History of India. In Ashti the brave Independence fighters had participated in Leave India movement on August 16, 1942 on the occasion of Nagpanchami festival. Many peoples had sacrificed with their lives to get the independence. Every year Hutatma Din is celebrated on the pious occasion of festival of Nagpanchami. Ashti is approximately 67kms away from its main Wardha District and is around 606 kms run from Mumbai main city. It is well linked with roads and railways. Ashti is well developed Tehsil and having almost all the important amenities like 24 hours water supply, electricity, schools, colleges, good hospitals with emergency medical facilities. All the major banks are also available in and around Asti. State Bank of India, ICICI Bank Ltd, Vijaya Bank, Bank of India are the few prominent banks which are available near Ashti. Anandwadi, Juna, Bambarda, Belora are the other villages in Ashti Taluka. Kaanja, Wardha, Seloo are the nearest towns and are well connected by road from Ashti. Weather of Ashti remains pleasant throughout the year. There are many places of tourist attraction in Ashti.

Geographical Information for Ashti
District Name: Wardha
State: Maharashtra
Country ISO code: IN
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Welcome to Ashti, A Tehsil of Wardha, India

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