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Ranchi is in Jharkhand state with geographical coordinates of in North and in East. Explore the satellite map of Ranchi with high quality images in the page below. Also explore the aerial photographs of Map of Ranchi.

The Total population of Ranchi is with Male and Female.

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State Jharkhand
Division South Chotanagpur division
District(s) NA
Parliamentary constituency Ranchi, Lohardaga and Khunti 
Assembly constituency Silli, Khijri, Ranchi, Hatia, Kanke, Mandar and Tamar
Planning Agency NA
Civic agency NA
Ward NA
Population 2,912,022 (2011)
Density NA
Sex ratio 950
Literacy 77.13%
Male 85.63%
Female 68.20%
Official languages Asuri, Bhojpuri, Bijori, Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)
Area 7,574 km2 (2,924 sq mi)
Elevation NA
Pincode NA
Telephone NA
Vehicle NA
ISO 3166-2 NA
Website http://ranchi.nic.in/


Ranchi, capital city of Jharkhand, accounts for 40% of mineral resources of India. It is known as the city of Water Falls and Lakes. Ranchi was made capital of Jharkhand state formed by the division of Bihar in the year 2000. There are many famous temples like Sun temple and sightseeing spots in Ranchi like Machli Ghar, Tagore hill, etc.

It covers the total area of 175.12 square kilometers and the average elevation height above sea level is 629 m. It is located on 23.35°N latitude and 85.33°E longitude. The city is located on the south side of the Chota Nagpur plateau. Due to various large and small waterfalls, Ranchi is popularly called City of Waterfalls. Some famous waterfalls are Dasham, Hundru, Jonha falls, Hirni and Panchghat. The main rivers are Subarnarekha, Sankh, Koel . Ranchi was accorded as a hill station during British Raj because of its hilly topography and dense tropical forests. The Ranchi district is divided into three administrative sub divisions. They are Ranchi, Bundu, and Khunti.

The temperature of Ranchi is humid subtropical. During the summer temperature varies from 42°C to 20°C and from 25°C to 0°C in winters. It receives annual rainfall of about 1430 mm.

Ranchi has a population of 846,454 as per the census of 2001. The population of Males is 53% and the Women are 47%. The 13% of the population is under 6 years of age. The major tribes of the region are Munda and Oraon.


Ranchi was the summer capital of the Bihar state. After bihar was divided into two states, Chhatisgarh and Jharkhand, Ranchi was made the capital city of Jharkhand.

According to the 2001 census report the ration of Ranchi male population to the Ranch female population is 53:47. The demographic study shows that rural population in Ranchi is nearly the double of urban population. The average population density is 362 per square kilometer. It has an average literacy rate of 74% which includes 80% male literacy and 68% female literacy.

The staple foods of the people of Ranchi are rice, pulses' millets and oil seeds.

The economy of Ranchi mainly depends on its mineral ores. The person of Ranchi depends mainly on the mineral industries for employment. Many industries are also located in the Ranchi city like Heavy Engineering Corporation, MECON steel plant, Shipping Corporation of India, Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) etc.


The tribal population is very high in Ranchi region. Hinduism is the major religion. The other main religions are Islam and Buddhism.

The main tribes of Ranchi are Munda and Oraon and the languages widely spoken are Hindi, Mundari, Oraon, Nagpuri and Kurmali. The cultural dance of Ranchi region is called Chhau. The main festivals celebrated are Chhath Puja, Diwali, Id, Buddha Purnima and Durga Puja. All the festivals are celebrated in harmony by the people. Tribal societies have rich tradition of arts and crafts. Sarhul is the most important festival  of the tribes in the region.

Ranchi has many beautiful Parks and Resorts along with many other Tourist attractions like Pahari Temple, Dewri temple, Buddha Vihar, Hirni falls, Jonha falls, Tagore hill, etc.

Due to people of different states found in Ranchi, food found is the combination of different cultures all over the India. Rice is the staple food of the region and so an important part of any meal. One of the local cuisines in the region is Litti Chokha which tastes best with Ghee. Sattu is also the major cuisine found. Tribal populations have their own brew like Mahua and Hanria, which are prepared from rice.


Geographical Information for Ranchi
District Name: Ranchi
State: Jharkhand
Country ISO code: IN

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